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Elevators Technical Office
Installation Maintenance Service

Research & Development Department

Our desire to firmly establish our company within the elevator industry together with our lust for continuous improvement has raised us to the No1 position within the elevators sector.

”Zouberis Elevators Technology” is the only company to have a specialized Research & Development department and holds 6 Patents on the subject of the elevator.

Mr. Nicolaos Zouberis and his son, Lycourgos Zouberis, with love and passion for elevators, have created a series of inventions that have become necessary in today’s development and operation of elevators.

Patented device for the automatic correction of the cosine φ with a corresponding reduction of the starting current for elevators and electric motors.

Diploma and medal of merit for
research and invention “ARCHIMEDES”

Elevator doors safety system. Patent No 50 628.



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